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From different backgrounds and paths in life, Ricardo and Patrick met in 2014 when they were assigned to the same pilot training class at Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi. Bonding as they worked through a rigorous year of training, and then mirroring FAIP (First Assignment Instructor Pilot) assignments upon graduation, Ricardo and Patrick's growth and careers were in close formation. 

Their military bond turned business partnership in 2020 when the two became established in their second assignments on opposite ends of the country and in very different aircrafts. Craving the level of growth and passion from their first years of training, Ricardo and Patrick dove into the real estate investment industry with a mission to create wealth while improving living spaces for their residents. It didn't take long for the two to realize the potential and opportunities found in multi-family investing. 

Vectored Equity was born out of a shared passion for unrestricted, vectored growth and equitable opportunities for all. Combining their years of military flight experience along with their passion for passive income opportunities, Ricardo and Patrick are the team to partner with. 

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