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The Vectored Equity Team is passionate about sharing real estate investment knowledge and lessons learned. Check out our recent podcasts and don't hesitate to contact us for a chat!

202: Building a Real Estate Empire While on Active Duty with Ricardo Torres at Vectored Equity

September 2023

Ricardo is crushing it and has a lot to share about real estate investing.

Ep 91: Ricardo Torres

December 2022

"In this episode, we spend time with Ricardo Torres!  Ricardo is a former banker at Citigroup in the mortgage division and now is an active-duty U.S. Air Force Pilot.  A few years back, Ricardo started investing in real estate as a side project!  When Ricardo completes his Air Force commitment, he intends to follow an entrepreneurial path full-time."

Pivoting to Small Businesses for Greater ROI ft. Ricardo Torres | JF3056

January 2023

"Ricardo Torres is the co-founder and CEO of Vectored Equity, which primarily focuses on syndications and funds. In this episode, he shares what motivated him to purchase a laundromat, the pros and cons of owning a small business, and the ins and outs of securing a small business acquisition loan. "

JF2908: Multifamily Investing w/ a Military Mindset ft. Patrick Reven

August 2022

"In this episode, [Patrick] shares how his career as an Air Force Pilot prepared him to excel at asset management, how he manages his time between his military career and GP responsibilities, and why he’s choosing to focus on properties with 50 units or less. "

 How Being a Pilot Aids In Managing $30M In Real Estate | Ep. 04

September 2022

"Ever wonder how to acquire large properties and manage your full-time job? In this episode, I talk with Ricardo Torres who shares his journey from piloting EC130s to Managing $30M in real estate!"

Cultivating the Right Relationships and Partnerships with Ricardo Torres and Patrick Reven | Ep. 16

September 2021

"In this episode, we will talk about Cultivating The Right Relationships and Partnerships."

Abandon Your Old Ways: Learn How to Make Real Estate Your Mission | Vectored Equity

August 2021

"Matt and Ricardo discuss how they got started in real estate investing, changing your mindset while having a no fear attitude and making real estate your mission if you're serious about it. The sky's the limit."

Breaking out of the
"It must be nice" mindset and taking action with Vectored Equity #96

August 2021

"This episode covers a lot of mindset shifts and how to achieve them including the ability to unshackle yourself from the middle-class mindset that holds you down."

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